How to validate your ideas with Twitter

Idea validation tweet

Everyone’s says you should validate your ideas. “Share your ideas and see what people say”. But sometimes, it can be hard to interprete the feedback or comment you received when you share your ideas online. Are people genuine when they say it’s a good idea? Should you take someone seriously when they say “count me … Read more

The Million Dollar Weekend Book Review – Does It Really Work?

The Million Dollar Weekend Book Noah Kagan

This book is taking over YouTube recently. Everyone from Tim Ferris, My First Million and Ali Abdaal are talking about The Million Dollar Weekend by Noah Kagan. The Million Dollar Weekend is a book by Noah Kagan that reveals the surprisingly simple way to launch a seven-figure business in just 48 hours. In this book, … Read more

Tim Stoddart makes $250,000 a year with a directory site


I’ve come across Tim Stoddart’s name on Twitter/X often but it wasn’t until someone tagged Tim’s story under one of my tweets that I started researching Tim. And boy does he have an interesting story to tell! Over the last decade, Tim managed to combine a personal problem with alcohol with his passion for writing and … Read more

How Lukas and Liz Hermann make $10k MRR selling a simple countdown timer

Lukas Hermann Liz Hermann StageTimer

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should just keep it simple, build a super basic app that solves a specific problemand live the indie maker dream… then this article is for you. Today’s article is about Lukas and Liz Hermann, a couple from Germany who have recently transitioned from freelanceing to full-time duo-preneurship while travelling through Asia. And … Read more

How Jay Clouse made $600k in 2023 from The Creator Economy

Jay Clouse Creator Science

I cannot remember how I came across Jay. But at some point in my journey of building an audience on Twitter, I came across his content and have been deeply inspired by his curiosity to learn and authenticity in a sea of microphone-holding gurus. Then I saw his revenue report and I realized I needed … Read more

He is making $75k in 3 months with Christmas lights installations

Christmas Lights installtion side hustle example

As we approach Christmas, I start to see success stories being shared on X (Twitter) from founders running seasonal businesses like pop-up gift stores and Christmas lights installations. One such founder is Julius Marchi who runs an unassuming pressure-washing business making 6 figures revenue from a single van. A few months ago however, he started … Read more