How Lukas and Liz Hermann make $10k MRR selling a simple countdown timer

Lukas Hermann Liz Hermann StageTimer

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should just keep it simple, build a super basic app that solves a specific problemand live the indie maker dream… then this article is for you. Today’s article is about Lukas and Liz Hermann, a couple from Germany who have recently transitioned from freelanceing to full-time duo-preneurship while travelling through Asia. And … Read more

How Jay Clouse made $600k in 2023 from The Creator Economy

Jay Clouse Creator Science

I cannot remember how I came across Jay. But at some point in my journey of building an audience on Twitter, I came across his content and have been deeply inspired by his curiosity to learn and authenticity in a sea of microphone-holding gurus. Then I saw his revenue report and I realized I needed … Read more

He is making $75k in 3 months with Christmas lights installations

Christmas Lights installtion side hustle example

As we approach Christmas, I start to see success stories being shared on X (Twitter) from founders running seasonal businesses like pop-up gift stores and Christmas lights installations. One such founder is Julius Marchi who runs an unassuming pressure-washing business making 6 figures revenue from a single van. A few months ago however, he started … Read more

How Tibo Louis-Lucas went from startup bankruptcy to $10M exit within 3 years

Tibo Louis Lucas

I am excited about writing this article on Tibo Louis-Lucas (otherwise known as Tibo Maker on Twitter). When researching his journey, what immediately struck me was the incredible highs and lows he experienced: From raising hundreds of thousands to declaring bankruptcy, from building multiple products and teams to going solo… And finally, to pulling off … Read more

How Jordan Hughes built a 6-figure Figma template business in 3 years

Jordan Hughes Untitled UI

Jordan Hughes stumbled into product design by chance while working at a startup. Fast forward just 3 years, he became a well-known product design expert and his UI templates generated over 6 figures in sales. Nearly 100,000 designers now rely on his clean, adaptable components to accelerate web building. Today, we will learn how he … Read more

Marc Louvion’s unconventional approach to marketing that grew Ship Fast to $43k monthly revenue in 2 months

Marc Louvion

Marc Louvion is a full-time indie hacker building a rapidly growing portfolio of indie-focused startups. His recent successes include selling Habits Tracker and growing Ship Fast to $43k in monthly revenue, attracting attention and competition from even the likes of Indie Hackers. In this article, we will explore the unconventional marketing style he used to … Read more

How Danny Postma built and sold AI SAAS Headlime for over $1,000,000

Danny Postma Indie Hacker Headlime

As a popular indie maker from the Netherlands, Danny Postma is best known for bootstrapping a portfolio of AI startups including Headlime, ProfilePictureAI and HeadshotPro. In this article, we will go into Danny’s journey before becoming an indie hacker, his impressive feat of building and selling Headlime in just 8 months, and actionable growth strategies … Read more