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How Damon Chen beat the crowd and built the most valuable PDF AI website today

Damon Chen is the founder of and I first came across him mid-ChatGPT hype, when everyone was trying to build apps on top … Read More
Idea validation tweet

How to validate your ideas with Twitter

Everyone’s says you should validate your ideas. “Share your ideas and see what people say”. But sometimes, it can be hard to interprete the feedback … Read More
Jaisal Rathee newsletter empire

How to recreate Jaisal Rathee’s profitable newsletter playbook to grow and sell newsletters FAST

Growing newsletters are hard work. Many burn out trying to keep up with content creation hamster wheel. That’s why choosing a good niche topic is … Read More

Productized Service Example: How Dan Kulkov and Sveta Bay went turned marketing into $10k/month product studio

Productized service is the process of packaging your expertise or resources into a digital product that can scale. Dan Kulkov and Sveta Bay provide one … Read More
The Million Dollar Weekend Book Noah Kagan

The Million Dollar Weekend Book Review – Does It Really Work?

This book is taking over YouTube recently. Everyone from Tim Ferris, My First Million and Ali Abdaal are talking about The Million Dollar Weekend by … Read More

Tim Stoddart makes $250,000 a year with a directory site

I’ve come across Tim Stoddart’s name on Twitter/X often but it wasn’t until someone tagged Tim’s story under one of my tweets that I started researching … Read More
Lukas Hermann Liz Hermann StageTimer

How Lukas and Liz Hermann make $10k MRR selling a simple countdown timer

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should just keep it simple, build a super basic app that solves a specific problemand live the indie maker dream… … Read More
Jay Clouse Creator Science

How Jay Clouse made $600k in 2023 from The Creator Economy

I cannot remember how I came across Jay. But at some point in my journey of building an audience on Twitter, I came across his … Read More
Christmas Lights installtion side hustle example

He is making $75k in 3 months with Christmas lights installations

As we approach Christmas, I start to see success stories being shared on X (Twitter) from founders running seasonal businesses like pop-up gift stores and … Read More
Marc Kohlbrugge Betalist

Marc Köhlbrugge- The Indie Hacker Who Kept Creating For Over A Decade

If you are a founder or indie hacker you have probably heard of Marc Köhlbrugge, or at least the company he founded way back in … Read More

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